Transmen and dating dating site j swipe

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Being demisexual, I do not experience any sexual attraction unless I have formed a strong emotional connection with someone.I was always attracted to femininity regardless of gender, but I shied away from dating feminine cisgender men due to gender dysphoria.Evan: I realized I was trans* when I was 18 while I was at college in San Francisco.My girlfriend at the time was really supportive with me becoming comfortable discovery what being trans.We broke up for a reason that had nothing to do with being trans*.I lived in a gray area of genderqueer for four years too scared to transition mostly out of fear of the unknown.I kind of had one of those “thought out loud” type of moment.We were laying in bed about to go to sleep when I was thinking about how to tell her and it just came out.

She took it well and didn’t seem too concerned at first.

There aren’t many huge changes in the first few months, so there wasn’t too much physiologically for me to discuss, and anything I did want to chat about, I talked to my trans friends about.

When I did tell my girlfriend, it was the first time we had seen each other in person in about four months.

I learned after we broke up that she was much more upset about my waiting to tell her than she initially let on. She is not particularly outwardly-emotive, so I wasn’t expecting a lot of enthusiasm.

She told me she supported me and that was what I wanted to hear.

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