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But my one ambition is to see the frying pan reopened and anything I can do to help, I will." While FFK may not match John Mc Cririck for after-life commitment to Alexandra Park, they are nevertheless resolute in pursuit of viable racing for north London, citing a monopoly of racetracks to the south-west of the capital.

Rescuing Alexandra Park from the graveyard is the latest in a stream of proposals to open new racecourses in an attempt to buck a long trend for closing them.

Noel Farrar, Jim Fahey and Jon Kanareck, under the name FFK Racing, are the architects of the project - one of a number of independent proposals jostling at the starting gate for permission to develop at the Palace, which is regarded as a financial white elephant by its governing borough of Haringey, north London.

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The team is Eleonora Rosati, Annsley Merelle Ward, Neil J. With tight bends and cambers and going that was often firm or hard, one good downpour could render the turf diabolically slippery.A safety limit of 20 runners per race is likely to be enforced at the new course and racing on an all-weather surface is under consideration.LEWES 1727-1964 Poor prize-money, facilities and fixture slots hastened its demise. Lincoln Handicap (horses in board game Totopoly are all past winners) switched to Doncaster. NEWPORT 1845-1948 Once home of the Welsh Champion Hurdle, it closed amid bankruptcy rumours.MANCHESTER 1647-1963 Sold for housing redevelopment. ROTHBURY 1759-1965 Another considered surplus to requirements in a Levy Board 1960s purge.

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