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And then her husband decided he was having so much fun in the United States that he went off and had fun somewhere else. My mom had this space heater that she used to use to cook food with, an old-school heater, before they had safety settings on them—you know, the heater would stay on if you had it faceup. When I go to San Juan, I stay with my brothers, and every time I go I have to do the same things. We were never the kind of people that dwelled on hard times. Growing up like that, I got used to making jokes about things that were difficult. But I knew that I needed a day job, so I answered this help-wanted ad for an office manager, and it turned out to be at this comedy club in Dallas, the Addison Improv. So I did five minutes, and they went really well, and he asked me to open for him in San Antonio at the River Center the next week.She would put a pan on top of the heater and cook food. After the diner we moved into this tiny little house that had two rooms, basically. We grew up devout Catholics, so my trips to San Juan always include going to the churches that we used to go to and lighting candles and everything. I did that, and then he asked me to open for him in El Paso at the Comic Strip.When ABC bought , they had such faith in it that they bought it with a penalty, meaning that they had so much faith in the project that they said, “We’re so sure that we’re going to make a pilot of the show that we will give the studio X amount of money if we don’t make this pilot.” And Becky has this idea: let’s use this pile of money to shoot a pilot presentation, to show them what the script would look like if it was actually filmed.And we were going to have to do it using 30 percent of what a pilot is usually budgeted for. So we found this basement at the studio and rehearsed there. I thought, “There can’t be a chance that this will work, we’re like the Bad News Bears here.” And then we shot the pilot, and the audience was incredibleit was perfect, everything went so smoothly, and everybody was just kind of in awe.had a somewhat circuitous route to getting on the air. The president of the network was at my pitch meeting, which never happens.And then I started seeing all of the other projects that ABC was picking up, which were these high-profile projects with people that are established.And then I started my set all over again, and I started working squeaky-clean. I did an hour of G-rated material for college students, which really helped me tighten up my writing.I did that for two years, and then I got the development deal for this TV show. We had sold the show to ABC and they loved it—they loved the show, they loved me.

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” But once you start gaining confidence, you realize that in stand-up the only way you can be successful is by being honest about who you are.

They had Henry Winkler, they had Kevin Hart, and they had Cristela Alonzo—who, compared to those two, is no one.

[And when it came time to decide which shows to actually film pilots for] we didn’t get picked up. Even when they didn’t take the show to pilot, they let me know how much they liked me and how big fans they were of my stand-up.

They had a lot of other projects with a lot more famous people and they really didn’t know me. So the project was dead, and I had nothing to do, so I went back to stand-up, which was always the plan. Then, two weeks later, Valentine’s Day week, I landed in San Antonio to do the LOL Comedy Club, and my executive producer for , Becky Clemons, has left this voicemail for me.

So I call her back, and she tells me, “You have to sit down because we have some news,” and I thought, “The show’s dead. ” and Becky starts telling me that she has this idea.

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