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Users have a short window to have sex after putting the artificial hymen in place. At the time of this writing, the vibrators have been SOLD OUT on Japanese erotic retail site, Kanojo Toys.The directions warn: This vagina will self-destruct in fifteen minutes." When documenting her first try, Leah Beckmann of The Cut wrote, “Before I can decipher whether the hymen should go in blood-side up or blood-side down… The site boasts that the Hello Kitty Massager “doesn’t need much explanation – combine the most famous symbol of the Japanese cuteness obsession with a vibrating massager, and you’ve got a recipe for a kawa-a-ah-ah-ah-ooh-aaaaah-ai.” Other selling points the site lists is that the product is “frickin’ adorable,” has an ultrasonic motor and comes in black, pink, purple or red.As opposed to more traditional dildos, this one comes equipped with an entire male torso, 6-pack included.What it lacks is any and all extremities, most notably a head. The muscular chest gives ladies a little something extra to grab on to. The description reads, “(The dildo) has a hot body, a lean and muscular chest, topped with a big hard-on that is constantly there and waiting for your attention.” The site also suggests couples try bringing the toy into the bedroom. This unique toy is designed for those in a very specific subculture: the Anime crowd.The toy was originally introduced in 1997 as a shoulder massager through a licensee by Sanrio, the Japanese creators of the Hello Kitty brand.It was quickly rebranded and reintroduced as an erotic massager by the sex toy industry. This one will really speak to those with a smell fetish.

Every single video on the site is free and you have unlimited access to watch as much as you want, so clear your calendar and dive into the worlds best collection of toy porn.

The (smell bottle) is a scented liquid with the aroma of a student’s gentle underarm.” The 10 m L bottle goes for a modest .8. This one’s really not a bad idea, it just takes a little getting used to.

The male body dildo serves as an extended dildo, of sorts.

The survey also found that nearly 87 percent of women prefer buying sex toys to porn or sexy lingerie. Ladies like their sex toys, and they're willing to pay top dollar for them. With that budget in mind, inventors have come up with some very peculiar and pricey products. The spray, which goes for a reasonable , can also be used on sex dolls, vibrators, dildos, costumes, clothes or by itself. This one arms a fairly standard sex toy with an extra feature.

As the numbers suggest, the sex toy industry is booming. As it says on the site, “the color of the schoolgirl pheromone smell spray is red.” The makers promise the product can deliver “extreme realism” for when “you want to get really kinky.” They write, “After all, what can be dirtier than getting intimate during the bloody season? The Cat Tail anal plug allows women (or men) to add in some role play while experimenting with anal pleasure.

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