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Nowadays I will make sure that the person I'm meeting or want to meet, that I know him well enough to meet them.

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He contacts you first, and then there is a back and forth emailing through the dating site.

We'll e-mail back and forth for a week or two, but as soon as I mention anything about meeting for a drink or cup of coffee or anything, they tend to shy away. Not everyone I've met on here have been like that, but it seems the percentage is increasing. I have had people just disappear during the messaging stage but never once a meet up has been suggested. Sometimes I think some of the people posting in the forums are on a different site.

So I really don't know what to tell you - are you being pushy in some way about the meeting? People are flakey though just put it down to experience and move on. I can't say I've had that problem, a few I have just carried on conversations with, a couple seemed like they wanted to push it along faster and initiated messages everyday, so I went ahead and ask them out.

There tons of folks...their own reasons....just want an email romance. "If you're not to busy this week, would you like to meet up and grab a bite to eat or a drink? But, that was the end of the conversation with her.

Here is an exact quote I added at the end of one of my last messages.

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