New zealand couple cam

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Must be booked on the day of your skydive, subject to availability.

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A tipping point appears to now be fast approaching, and it is likely that any more seriously or significantly increased Hierarchy actions against We The People could set off a civil war followed by immediate application of the Hierarchy’s rules of play against the Hierarchy itself.The camera is mounted in a glove on the back of your tandem master’s hand, and with an ultra wide angle lens, gives a great view of your smiling face in freefall and under your parachute!The high quality digital footage will then be edited onto a USB with a funky soundtrack. So far this battle is being fought using the rules similar to the Knights of the Roundtable, such as do not go after one’s family and play by the “rules”.Certainly Putin and the Russian Federation have done a great job completely checkmating the Khazarian Mafia’s establishment Hierarchy and its leaderships during its legal defense of Syria, a long term ally.

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