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The foundation of Mirai Nikki and Ana Satsujin (Peephole) has a very similar mood; do note that Mirai Nikki has more of a survival game concept.We have a main girl who has mental stability and obsession with the main male protagonist.Both mangas switch between normal,cute, comedy scenario to the psychological horror scenario Both manga series contains some aspects of romance Both manga have gory scenes Both mangas contain death Overall i just felt like they had a similar feeling to them.Love and murder are the two main themes in both of these manga.The pair in Goth don't kill people and do detective work.Save for the male protagonist, all characters in Ana S.

Both main characters have to become something they never wanted to be after a few tragic circumstances arise.

The tone in Doctor is more melancholic, creepy, and gritty than Ana S.'s funny, slasher horror. Submissive, suicidal boy meets homocidal, psychopathic girl. Anne Freaks is more fast paced, focuses on conspiracies, and titular character is being hunted by the secret organization. The leads of both manga promise sex as a way to lure their victims. Ana Satsujin feature a murderous woman, while Fraction features a murderous man. Each story is quite shocking and ridiculous (in a good way). Fraction is far more explicit and is full-blown guro.

Furthermore, Du Ming is seinen with intensely beautiful art, while Ana S. Boy grows more and more accepting of girl's kills and madly attracted. While the male lead in Ana Satsujin takes a more passive route to the female lead's killing so far, Anne Freaks' male lead is increasingly homicidal.

are unregistered serial killers who sometimes go to college.

Both manga feature psychopathic leads; in Goth's case, both the girl and boy are sociopaths, in Ana Satsujin, only the girls that pursue the male lead Similar psycho unstable female character who forcibly involves the main character in unsettling situations.

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