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They also tended to try different sexual positions, masturbate more and encourage their partners to use erectile dysfunction treatments.Dr Jo Ann Pinkerton, executive director of the society, said: “As this study demonstrates, healthcare providers need to have honest conversations with their midlife women patients to fully evaluate changes in sexual function and be ready to explore psychosocial and interpersonal factors, as well as physical changes, to effectively identify proper treatment.” The Italian village of Acciaroli has attracted attention from scientists because an unusually high number of people – one in 10 – live to more than 100. Dr Alan Maisel, a cardiologist from the University of California San Diego, said: “Sexual activity among the elderly appears to be rampant. It’s probably the good air and the joie de vivre.” The findings also echo research which found elderly drivers are not significantly more dangerous than other road users – and much less so than young men.Across the board, the most common reason that people ages 50-64 forewent dental care was cost, with 69 percent reporting cost as a major cause for their lackluster dentist attendance.Eighty percent of people without dental insurance don't go to the dentist regularly.STATE OF MEDICAID DENTAL COVERAGE: Dental healthcare through Medicaid varies widely from state to state, and fluctuates annually with state government budgets.Most states, as evident in the map above, provide some form of dental coverage for adults between 18 and 64, but only 15 states' Medicaid plans provide 'extensive' coverage including 'more than 100 diagnostic, preventive, and minor and major restorative procedures,' according to the Center for Healthcare Strategies (CHCS) and the Kaiser Family Foundation Earlier this year, the Washington Post reported that an astonishing number of Americans over 65 have no real teeth - nearly one in five - and that neglected teeth sent 2 million people to the emergency room last year.This 'prevention-focused' group made up 60 percent of the late baby boomers polled, and only a small minority said that they had to put off or forego care when they needed it in the past two years.

Their options for coverage will likely be more limited and more expensive after age 65, even as recent retirees' incomes are decreasing.Despite a decline in reaction times and other physical changes, elderly motorists tend to adapt to this by driving more carefully.One in three middle-aged Americans are in pain, missing work and embarrassed because of their teeth, according to a new report.Middle-aged women can enjoy making love more as they get older despite a number of physical changes that result in a decline in “sexual function”, according to a new study.Researchers said some middle-aged women had adapted to the changes brought on by the march of time.

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