Horse camp adults

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Our horses have proven time and again, they are just the right mount for many levels of rider - otherwise, they wouldn't be here! We have great horses for nervous riders - and a few for those with a bit more skill.

We have something for everyone, and we are used to taking timid or first time riders and encouraging them to expand their skills.

We can accommodate most levels of rider with this camp, because after two days in the saddle, you'll improve with speed!

And, if you love to ride alot and are ready for a blast, you'll eat this experience up like chocolate cake.

A discounted rate of 0 offered for our overnight guests. Whether you’ve never really had the opportunity to work with horses, but have always been intrigued by them, or you feel a bit fearful or intimidated by such a large animal, we are here to help!Bring your coolers and your favorite beverages and we'll kick back and relax after a shower and enjoy a camp fire! And there is no harm in coming up and enjoying a weekend away with a fantastic horse, some fantastic fall scenery, and peaceful surroundings!All that, and you get to work on your skills at horseback riding, too!The most important thing to remember is, it's for FUN!And if trail riding is anything, it is a whole LOT of FUN on horseback. This camp is not just beautiful fall weather and horseback riding.

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