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In case you’ve been lucky enough to never encounter it, ghosting is the practice of ending a relationship by simply disappearing and becoming unresponsive.In the last few years, ghosting has been investigated and editorialized to the point that it has become an established part of the cultural zeitgeist — which is comforting for me, at least.(But, if we’re all talking about ghosting now, and we all (for the most part) know how horrible it feels to be ghosted, why do people still do it?And are there certain situations in which ghosting is simply unacceptable? Knowing that I was guilty of this myself, I reached out to a nice guy I had dated for a few months via Hinge (Jacob), and then unceremoniously stopped responding to.Tinder added a record 476,000 paying members last quarter. Match CEO Greg Blatt called Tinder's quarter "fantastic" in a prepared statement.

Even though I’d since apologized for my past behavior, Jacob was not into the idea.

"Tinder Gold plays on people's impatience," says BTIG analyst Brandon Ross.

Ross says Match Group has mastered how to make money off loyal Tinder users.

He was taller and older than me, and he’d chosen a contemporary art museum for one of our dates (which seemed really sophisticated at the time), so I was pretty psyched about our potential relationship.

One day, after a text I sent to him had gone unanswered for three days, I finally confided to a friend that I was concerned.

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