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Your description definitely stands out from the countless “tired of the bar scene, looking for the right man” variety. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to want to do that with every girl that I date. I think they mean that in a good way, but it makes me feel like I’m some kinda fungus.

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Earlier, I wrote a 3 part series, showcasing examples taken from Lorina about how one can answer online personals wrongly.

If you want to check it out for kicks: The Runs Adios And so, you may ask yourself, who is this man, who felt compelled to respond to my ad? Never been married, never had kids, don’t drink, don’t smoke. I like to shoot pool (I’m very good), rollerblade (I suck) and go to school. )I have a wonderfully fulfilling existence, with the exception of miss right, who seems to elude me at every step. But I do have an evil empire which spans the globe, bringing terror to countless millions. We’re post-college quasi-nerds, floundering in the intellectual wasteland of the Real World, facing the horrific realization that it’s much harder to meet interesting people when you aren’t in a place packed with bright, outgoing people around your age. I can be brutaly honest when I think it’s neccesary. If I’m not at a club on the weekends I usually go to a local bar or some other hang out spot to meet with all my buddies.

If it conveys anything about your personality, then you’d probably get along well with my little group of weirdos. If your looking for a very sexy, hot guy that’s going to tell you everything that you want to hear just so he can get you in bed…. Don’t think that I’m ugly now either cause I’m not…trust me. You know that when I compliment you or tell you something that makes you feel good, it’s coming from the heart and I’m not just talking out my ass so that I could get in good with the girl. I like to go out on the weekends to see bands at Brownies Plymouth or Reeds Blue Bell and places like that.

The point of being successful in attracting your targets. I used to be 7ft tall, however my evil twin brother, the disfollically challenged (hairy ) one, he chopped me off at the thighs, and thank god doctors were creative. There are different Faucets for hot and cold water. and I don’t wanna hafta deal with legions of adoring females…. however, if ya email me back at my normal email address, I’ll be happy to oblige then….

Generally, men will make the move to answer personal ads and women put up and select from a long list of responses.

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