Avast program not updating

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Remember that your antivirus protection becomes outdated as soon as a new virus is released, so it is important to keep it as current as possible.

[Read also: 5 Worst Computer Viruses in History] Did you know that some viruses and spyware can actually hack into your system and erase or corrupt the data on your computer?

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In fact, your computer could be at risk of a new virus that your software is not yet aware of.

Please note, you should do it only if you are 100% sure the blocked file is safe for you and your computer.

You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.

Sometimes Avast Antivirus may be blocking you from running a program or accessing a web page, which you know is totally safe.

Usually the false-positive detection lasts only a few hours, but can be very annoying.

Recently a lot of Avast users (especially the ones running Windows XP) are experienced an issue when Avast has been blocking several major websites because of the invalid certificate.

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