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The performances are fresh and even the approach is fresh.

As far as comedy is concerned in Bengal, I think it's a game changer.

There are many ways to enjoy the government holidays in West Bengal.

You can just go about watching football, spend time with friends or simply sit reading a novel.

You do not have to necessarily spend time watching movie, but that is also an option.

People of West Bengal have been avoid movers and some of the finest actors, actresses and directors come from the state of west Bengal.

So, while you have a plethora of options, there are numerous places to visit.

There are numerous bank holidays in West Bengal in 2018.It has so many levels that you discover only after repeat watches. Golpo Holeo Shotti by Tapan Sinha: After Ray, Tapan Sinha is one of my favourite directors especially his music.I think it was a perfectly structured screenplay that was impeccably written. Akaler Sandhane by Mrinal Sen: The film within the film framework that I used in my first film Autograph, it's structures was inspired by this film.My favourite one by her is Ritu da (Rituparno Ghosh) got it almost as legacy from Rina di (Aparna Sen) and developed his own inimitable style but the seeds were sown by Rina di. Chiranjit's voice being dubbed was one thing that bothered me but that's not enough to take away from the sheer masterclass in filmmaking it turned out to be. Utsab by Rituparno Ghosh: Now comes the tricky part — picking my second favourite Rituparno Ghosh film because there are so many more.I am tempted to pick because it reminds me of home. I watched it so many times way when I was missing home and even when I was here in Kolkata.

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