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You upgrade your car by accumulating Speed Points, which you earn by transgressing the law, setting off speed cameras, bursting through billboards, evading the police.But the fastest way to net some serious Speed Points is by entering street races.Each car has five races open to it, ranging from easy to hard.The races themselves are fairly varied: there are straightforward circuit races, sprint races and Speed Runs, in which you’ll have to maintain an absurdly-fast average time while weaving in and out of traffic.It lets you upgrade your car using the D-pad, change your car and set a route to new race. Criterion is smart enough to know that nothing is more antithetical to the open-world experience that it’s trying to create than drilling down through a series of static menus.

And you’ll still be able to appreciate it all tearing down the highway at 150 miles per hour.Place well in the races and you’ll receive perks such as off-road tyres, a reinforced chassis (so you can burst through roadblocks), or different gear sets, depending on whether you want a higher top speed or faster acceleration.Modding is easily done via Easy Drive, the game’s persistent on-screen menu.And in keeping with its sandbox aspirations, you're able to drive nearly every one of its 41 vehicles right from the start, from the mundane Lancia Delta to the most desirable Aston Martin V12 Vantage.To drive them you don’t have to win races or accumulate points or buy tokens; you just have to find them.

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